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Dirt Devil 0213CHR Kone Cordless Hand Vacuum - Charcoal Review

The Dirt Devil 0213CHR Kone Cordless Hand Vacuum with Charcoal is a very special vacuum due to its unique design.

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The 0213 Charocal it's the most popular of the Kone models and it is used for small cleaning jobs around the house. Many people choose to go with a Kone because of its elegant design, which can sometimes be confused with a piece of art.

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Dirt Devil 0213CHR Kone Features Reviews

* The 0213CHR is a cordless handled vacuum
* It comes with a 7-1/5-volt rechargeable battery and plug-in charging base
* The 1-1/2-inch-wide nozzle and the soft rubberized tip have the purpose of protecting the furniture and for an in-depth cleaning
* easy-to-empty dirt cup
* cord storage
* It is available in 5 different colors
* 3 years limited guarantee

The Dirt Devil Kone m0212 is easily used by twisting the top of the cone (which serves as the handle) off its plug-in charging base and you're ready to roll.


One of the biggest advantage of owing a Dirt Devil Kone is its sculptural design, which can proudly be displayed anywhere in your house. The sleek shape blends in easily with any type of furniture and the glow can be considered a nightlight. It comes in different colors, it's very light and easy to use.

The second advantage is that because the Kone is displayed in very accessible areas, it is used more often. You don't have to go into your storage or closet to get the vacuum because it's right there in front of you! Let's not forget the rubberized tip which can protect even the most expensive furniture.


The Dirt Devil 0213CHR Kone with Charcoal is not necessarily a powerful system, therefore can only be used for small cleaning tasks. Even then there's a small chance that it will blow some dust while working. It is a little noisy for its size and the dirt cup is fairly small and needs to be emptied often. One other concern is that the battery does not last long but this is a small drawback comparing the many benefits this vacuum has to offer.


The Dirt Devil 0213CHR Kone Cordless Hand Vacuum with Charcoal is the perfect choice for small daily cleaning jobs and if you are looking for a stylish vacuum that you can display in your house. However, if you are looking to clean large surfaces Dirt Devil's Kone might not be for you.

Dirt Devil 0213CHR Kone Cordless Hand Vacuum - Charcoal Review

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